Thank you, Snohomish, for electing me to be your new Council Member!

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I am running for City Council because, like you, I care about our town. I envision a vibrant future for our city but want to preserve the unique character that makes Snohomish special. Most people don’t have time to be actively involved in our government. They’re busy enough with work, kids, and just “life”. I get it, and have been there, too. I've always been active in the community, but I never thought I would run for office. I got involved with our city government by speaking out about the future of the Averill Field/Hal Moe Pool/Skatepark complex on behalf of my son. Now I am determined to keep being a voice for our kids and families. I am running to be your voice in the city, to address your concerns, and to make decisions based on your best interests. Vote for me November 7!

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